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What is dermatofibroma?

Dermatofibroma is a 
benign lesion
presenting as a firm bump.

How does dermatofibroma present?

It most commonly presents as a brownish firm bump that creates a dimple if you pinch it (pinch test). Dermatofibromas may be localized on any part of the body.

What causes dermatofibroma?

The exact cause of dermatofibroma is unknown.


No, but multiple dermatofibromas may be a sign of a systemic disease (HIV, lupus erythematosus, cancer) and pregnancy

There are very rare case reports of dermatofibromas becoming cancerous (sarcomas), usually, that happens in very large lesions and those that have unusual microscopic features.

Cellular dermatofibroma is a type of lesion that has a higher density of cells that the usual dermatofibroma (this is evaluated during pathology evaluation).

Not necessarily. They can be removed for cosmetic reasons, or if the diagnosis is unclear. Rapid growth or bleeding may also prompt removal.

What is the treatment of dermatofibromas?

Surgical removal under local anesthesia is most commonly performed. The lesion is sent for pathology examination.

Why should I see Dr. Kazlouskaya at Dermatology circle PLLC?

Dermatofibromas may mimic other lesions including cancerous ones. When the diagnosis is unclear, an evaluation by a board-certified dermatologist is essential. Biopsy and excision may be needed case by a case basis.  

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