Skinvive: Biorevitalization by Juvederm in NYC

Skinvive by Juvederm is an FDA-approved, clinically proven injectable gel designed for biorevitalization of the skin. The aim is to enhance your skin’s natural glow without altering your inherent appearance.

This new treatment injects small drops of hyaluronic acid (HA) into the skin, without changing the shape or size of your face. The result? Radiant, healthier-looking skin with a long-lasting glow.

What is Biorevitalization?

Skin biorevitalization is a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment for skin rejuvenation. It involves the strategic administration of superficial injections containing HA beneath the skin’s surface. The primary objective is to effectively moisturize and nourish the skin, resulting in enhanced tone, texture, and hydration.

Biorevitalization is similar to mesotherapy but goes deeper into the skin to inject HA for stronger results. In mesotherapy, doctors commonly inject vitamin cocktails instead of HA.

Are There Any Similar Treatments Available?

Juvederm Skinvive is the only gel for biorevitalization in the USA (skin booster). Other countries have similar gels such as Profhilo, Jalupro, Teosyal, and others. But they are not officially available for purchase by providers in the USA. Exercise caution when presented with alternatives, as they might not come from reputable suppliers.

What is Skinvive Used For?

It improves skin texture and hydration by replacing lost HA in the connective tissue as we get older. If you are 30 and older, this treatment is definitely for you, because it makes the skin look younger. It erases early signs of aging, such as dull skin. But it is also suitable for younger patients seeking hydration and plumpness, contributing to a natural, radiant glow. It may also significantly improve the appearance of shallow acne scars.

Who is a Good Candidate for Skinvive?

The great news is that this skin booster is suitable for nearly everyone! This versatile treatment caters to all skin types and tones, working beneath the surface of the facial skin to boost hydration. It makes skin smoother, reduces fine lines, and improves skin elasticity.

What is the Difference Between Skinvive and Dermal Fillers?

Skinvive and fillers have some similarities because they both contain HA. However, they serve different purposes in aesthetics. Conventional hyaluronic acid fillers fix shadows, defects, volume loss, atrophies, and wrinkles by adding volume using HA.

Skin boosters improve skin texture and hydration, working below the surface to make skin smoother and reduce fine lines.

How is Skinvive Injected?

We inject the gel into the skin using a special technique, making small and precise deposits. This meticulous approach sets Skinvive apart from the conventional dermal filler injection method. The result is a nuanced and natural enhancement, making Skinvive a distinctive choice in the realm of aesthetic treatments.

What Areas does Skinvive Treat?

In the USA, this treatment is FDA approved to treat cheeks. But you can use this treatment for any other area that requires plumpness, such as lips, neck, chest, hands, and body.

Is Treatment with Skinvive Painful?

The Skinvive treatment is only minimally painful at the injection site. Skinvive gel incorporates a small amount of Lidocaine, a common pain reliever, contributing to a more comfortable experience. The procedure is fast and efficient, typically taking approximately 15-20 minutes for a full-face treatment. For further comfort, we also offer the option of applying a numbing cream to minimize any potential discomfort.

How Long is the Recovery After the Procedure?

The Skinvive procedure boasts minimal downtime. You may have no trace of injections already the next day. However, if you have a special occasion planned, we suggest booking the procedure a few weeks before the event. This will ensure the best outcome and maximum comfort for you.

Are There Any Side Effects from Skinvive Injections?

Side effects from biorevitalization are relatively uncommon. In rare cases, this technique may cause bruising, skin infections, and swelling. This is because it involves more punctures on the skin than the classic filler technique. Skinvive can cause skin problems if injected into a blood vessel, such as darkening or skin death. This is very uncommon. Experienced and skilled providers significantly minimize this risk by ensuring precise and correct injection techniques. Ensure you schedule a visit with a board certified dermatologist for optimal result.

Do I Need to Prepare for the Treatment?

You do not need to prepare for the Skinvive Treatment.

Are There Any Specific Post-Procedure Care Instructions?

While Skinvive is a straightforward procedure, we recommend following some minor restrictions during the first 24 hours after treatment:

  • Minimize intensive physical activity;
  • Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or heat;
  • Limit the consumption of alcohol to a minimum.

We designed these simple guidelines to ensure optimal results and enhance your comfort during the initial post-procedure period.

Does Skinvive Really Work?

Absolutely! Skinvive, along with similar injectables, enjoys widespread popularity in Asia and Europe. It focuses on improving skin quality, hydration, and plumpness, not on adding volume or filling wrinkles. Therefore, the results may not be as dramatic on “before and after” photos as compared to other procedures. Clinical studies demostrated that most patients were pleased with the result and admit that skin has more glow and improved skin smoothness. We highly recommend the Skinvive procedure to everyone, especially those starting cosmetic procedures like lasers, IPL, or microneedling. Skinvive helps other treatments work better by creating an ideal environment.

What is the Price for Skinvive Injection?

The cost of a syringe of Skinvive is comparable to other fillers. While specific pricing can vary, it aligns with industry standards for similar aesthetic procedures.

How Many Syringes of Skinvive Will I Need?

The number of syringes for one Skinvive treatment varies, typically ranging between 2-4. For optimal results, we recommend starting with a minimum of 2 syringes, adjusting based on individual skin needs. We can customize future treatments to meet your desired level of hydration and improve your skin. This will provide you with a personalized and effective skincare experience.

Before and after Skinvive treatment: enhanced glow and plumpness of the skin. Whole face was treated with 2 syringes of Skinvive. Results are photographed in 2 weeks after treatment

How Long Do the Results of Skinvive Treatments Last?

The results of Skinvive treatments are long-lasting, with skin hydration extending up to 6 months. This duration may vary based on individual factors such as skin type, lifestyle, and the specific treatment plan. You can schedule regular maintenance sessions to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, addressing your changing skincare needs for continuous benefits.



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